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About InstaReM
Are you looking for a fast and safe way to send money overseas, but also want to do so at a highly competitive exchange rate? Meet InstaReM, otherwise known as Instant Remittance. It can transfer funds into a bank account across borders in typically one business day. Read on for a full runthrough of what it has to offer.
InstaReM Offers Real-Time Foreign Exchange rates

One of the first things to check when comparing international money transfer providers is how competitive the exchange rates are. Well, you’ll be glad to know that InstaReM offers real-time rates which are live interbank rates at which the banks transfer funds among themselves. This is quite unlike major banks who have a reputation for jacking up their margins on the exchange rates they offer. With InstaReM, you get more savings and better value for money.

TIP: Punch in how much you want to send into our calculator below, choose your currency - and it will crunch the numbers for you! You exactly know what the beneficiary will receive.
Features and benefits of sending money via InstaReM
Is InstaReM right for you? Here’s a snapshot of the key details:

Delivery times: InstaReM will transfer your funds fast - typically 1 day, in most cases (unlike some providers who take up to three days, or even charge extra for an express service).

Transaction restrictions:
For all Australia originated corridors - Minimum transfer allowed is AUD 50. There is no maximum limit to the amount you can transfer after your first successful transfer. However, the first transfer should not exceed AUD 2500.
For all Singapore originated corridors - Minimum transfer allowed is 50 SGD. There is no maximum limit.
For all Hong Kong originated corridors - Minimum transfer allowed is 300 HKD. There is no maximum limit.

Low transfer fees: When you transfer money overseas via InstaReM, you won't be charged high transfer fee. InstaReM charges only a nominal transaction fee of 0.50%. There are no other fees.

Real-Time Exchange Rates: InstaReM effects transfers at real-time rates, which are the rates that you find on independent sources like Reuters, Google and Yahoo! Finance.

Complete Transparency: When you set up your transaction, you’ll be able to see complete details of your FX rate, transaction fees and the exact amount to be received by the beneficiary. There are absolutely no hidden fees.

Customer support: InstaReM is always eager to serve you. if you need help or have any questions, you can call the hotline numbers or email support@instarem.com

InstaReM's services
InstaReM focuses on international money transfers for individuals and businesses. It is committed to making the process of transferring money to family, friends and businesses overseas simple, quick and cost-effective.

For corporates and SMEs, InstaReM offers MassPay platform that helps them make bulk payments to multiple beneficiaries in multiple currencies through a seamless global payments process.
Why choose InstaReM?
To recap, here are the benefits of choosing this fast-growing company for all your overseas transfer needs:
Offers better exchange rates than most
Quick and easy account setup (more on this below)
Absolutely transparent, no hidden costs
Delivers your funds to overseas bank accounts fast
Great customer support
How to transfer money with InstaReM?
Whether you want to send cash to family or buy property overseas, it’s really quite easy doing it through InstaReM. It's a three step process -

1. Register. Build your customer profile on InstaReM’s website by giving your basic details
2. Make your Transfer. Input the recipient’s bank details. Make the transfer from your bank account to InstaReM’s account.
3. Money Transferred. It’s done. You will receive an email confirmation with transfer details that you can also track on your transfer history.
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